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Fees and Payment

Fees are charged at the following rates.

Initial Consultation $260.00 per hour
Subsequent Consultations $240.00 per hour
Couples and Families:
Initial Consultation $280.00 per hour
Subsequent Consultations $270.00 per hour

These fees cover not only face-to-face time with clients but also brief phone consultations (less than 10 minutes duration), referral calls, consultation with other health professionals where appropriate, and correspondence. 

Occasionally, sessions may extend beyond the standard 60 minutes. For sessions longer than 75 minutes, you may be charged an additional fee on a pro rata basis.

Reports are charged separately and the cost is dependent upon the nature of the report - please enquire for details.  The GST does not apply to treatment-related services but does apply to reports. Our fees are reviewed and revised at the end of each financial year.

Settlement of the account is preferred on the day of consultation.  We accept cash or cheques, and have EFTPOS facilities for direct debit, VISA and Mastercard.

Some Psychology Services are now included under the Medicare Benefits Scheme. 
You will need to discuss your eligibility for a Medicare rebate for Psychology Services with your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist. If they determine that you meet the criteria, they will then  complete a Mental Health Care Plan (Item No. 2710) and provide you with a referral to a psychologist.  You will need to bring your referral letter and copy of the Mental Health Care Plan (if provided to you by the GP) to your appointment at our clinic.  Eligible clients can receive up to 10 rebatable visits in a calendar year with a Mental Health Care Plan in place. Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions.

If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate, we ask that you settle your account with us first. We can submit your claim to Medicare who will assess eligibility and deposit into the bank account linked to your Medicare card.
If you have Extras or Ancillary cover with a private health fund, you may be eligible for a rebate on presentation of your receipt.  Given that funds differ in what is covered or not covered,  it is advisable to talk with your health fund regarding your cover.
Please note that you cannot claim a rebate from both  Medicare and a private health fund for the same consultation.
If your sessions are being paid by a third party organisation (e.g., workplace, insurer for workers compensation, Victims’ Services Scheme), you will need to bring the letter of authorisation to your first appointment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please let us know with as much notice as possible so we can offer the appointment time to someone on our cancellation list.
If you give less than 48 hours notice for a cancellation, a $150.00 cancellation fee will be payable unless there are extenuating circumstances such as illness or accident. If we are able to schedule another client in your appointment time, no cancellation fee will be charged.
It is the policy of our clinic to charge the full fee to clients who fail to show for their scheduled appointment.





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