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Dr Janine Mahoney

PhD (Clin Psych.) MEd (Couns), BEd (Psych), Dip T, FAPS (FCCLP), FIACN(Cert), ISTSS

Janine Mahoney is an experienced clinical psychologist who has a background in education, crisis counselling and management in trauma counselling units of Employee Assistance Programs. She specialises in treatment of people affected by psychological trauma and treats veterans, victims of crime and survivors of abuse. She also treats couples and other clinical presentations such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders and people with chronic pain.

Janine has been active in the psychology community being the ACT chapter representative for the Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and spending three years on the ACT Psychologists’ Registration Board.

Janine’s doctoral studies in clinical psychology focussed on resilience to psychological trauma. She has maintained this interest and is now focussing on the manner in which neuroscience can be applied to increasing resilience in the people she treats. She has presented papers on psychological resilience and trauma to various bodies including: The Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies; The Australian Psychological Society; The Centre for Cultural Risk Research at Charles Sturt University; The Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health; the Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling service; Relationships Australia; and ACT Mental Health.






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